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Hi, I'm Tobias ๐Ÿ‘‹ Full-Stack Developer

An Ode to Source Code: Explore the Secrets of my Digital Repositories, from the Ancient Scriptures of Lorem Ipsum to the Modern Chronicles of ChatGPT


  • Icon TH Nuernberg
    TH-Nรผrnberg Student Business Informatics

    During my studies in Business Informatics and Computer Science, I delved into areas such as UNIX/Linux programming and Internet marketing. Initially fascinated by theory, I soon felt the need for practical application. This led me to leave the academic path to fully immerse myself in software development.

  • Icon BKR
    BKR Software Consulting & Technology AG Working Student / Practical Semester

    During this phase of my career, I gained deep insights into various programming languages and frameworks through diverse tasks. I expanded my knowledge in areas such as speech recognition, healthcare, and industrial engineering. A highlight was my first involvement in real client projects, which marked a significant milestone in my professional journey.

  • Icon zaleo digital Working Student Web Development

    At, I focused on the continuous development and maintenance of comparison portals for financial products. I deepened my knowledge in JavaScript frameworks, which led to the creation of my first real prototypes.

  • Icon Xeomed
    xeomed GmbH & Co. KG Working Student Web Developer

    I developed client websites in the pharmaceutical industry with a strong focus on performance. Daily tasks included not only new development but also regular maintenance. Due to the large number of websites, I placed special emphasis on deployment and clean architecture. Additionally, I gained experience in UI/UX as conversion optimization was of high priority.

  • Binary Hype Logo
    Binary Hype Full-Stack Developer

    On the side, I implement web applications for various clients, focusing on the Laravel framework. This activity also provides me with the opportunity to release my own projects. Through these experiences, I'm expanding my portfolio and significantly deepen my expertise, particularly in deployments and architecture.

  • Icon Digital Masters
    Digital Masters GmbH Full-Stack Developer

    Currently, I am developing customer webshops using the Shopware system and am involved in advancing the deployment and local development environments for these. I pay particular attention to my personal development regarding code quality. These activities allow me to expand my skills in the e-commerce domain and continuously enhance the quality of my work.